Ing. Peter Bochnovič BOPER

High reliability, quality of our service, profesionality, flexibility, and accountability are our philosophy and some of our main characteristics. These characteristics are are based on our 25-year experience in the international transport industry.

Due to the most modern information and communication technologies, our administration workers have real-time information about the actual situation of the vehicles, which enables our managers to accurately inform the customers about the movement of the goods and promptly respond to client's demands. For our clients, as well as drivers, BOPER established a non-stop service which enables our clients to reach us even outside of the working hours in order to resolve any urgent and unexpected situation.

Main operations:
  • transport of goods in refrigerated semi-trailers,
  • transport of goods by standard articulated vehicles,
  • transport of goods by large capacity articulated vehicles,
  • transport of dangerous goods according to ADR Convention.
Other occupations:
  • pneuservice,
  • truck wash,
  • sell of tires for all types of vehicles,
  • sell of spare parts for many types of trucks.
Primary destinations

The main shipping destination of the company is Great Britain and Russia, including Far Russian territory. However, we are open to discuss any other offers.


Our company also provides a full service of the vehicles. We dispose with our own workshop station which is equipped well in order to provide the routine repairs of trucks. We dispose of the tire service and cleaning equipment, too. Our service provides any repairs for transport and utility vehicles. It is also equipped with two work stations/ channels, diagnostic tools and specialized products. All of BOPER TRUCK SERVICE mechanics and managers paritcipate in various training courses in order to achieve the best quality of our services.

For our customers we provide the following services:

  • routine maintenance- exchange and sale of oils, filters, brakes,
  • tire service,
  • vehicle electronics,
  • cleaning of the interior,
  • truck-wash,
  • complete vehicle diagnostics and programming,
  • road service,
  • repair of sails,
  • preparing vehicles for MOT,
  • installation and servicing of Webasto and Eberspracher auxiliary heating systems,
  • repair of injection pumps,
  • plumbing and paint work,
  • AdBlue filling station,
  • transhipment,
  • sale of spare parts for trucks,
  • non-stop assistance service.