Ing. Peter Bochnovič BOPER

Our company Ing. Peter Bochnovic BOPER has been in the market of the international road transport since 1990. Our company has been settled in the own business premises since 1996 where also offices, truck service and lay-by place for vehicles are. Our company has been a member of Česmad Slovakia since 1992.

Currently the modern car fleet consists of 32 trucks of EURO 6 class with brands such as MAN and MERCEDES. Every truck is equipped with a mobile phone and GPS monitoring system.

The primary destinations are Great Britain, Russia, Italy, Slovenia, Ukraine and Belarus.

Main business specializations:

International road transport, spedition, logistics.


Ing. Peter Bochnovič BOPER
Gen. Svobodu 692/16
08901 Svidník


Tel.: +421 54 788 1771
Fax: +421 54 788 1770
Mobil: +421 918 363 111